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Success Beyond The Score

Thank you so much for checking out my Podcast 'Success Beyond The Score'.  I started this to help those who ask me how to build their music career.  When I was 39 I decided it was time to give my music one last push.  3 years after I made the step.  Today I'm proud to say I did transition my music hobby into a full time music business with accolades and achievements and this Podcast is to help you with your journey.  

Dec 20, 2021

10 Reasons Why They Will Pay You Before Gig Day!’

I am happy to bring you another episode of ‘Success Beyond The Score’ podcast where you can learn how to build your music career from the best in the field.

At the time of this recording, we are so close to the end of the year, I wanted to look back at some reflections about the critical event that marked 2020 and 2021: the coronavirus pandemic.

It was a devastating blow for humankind at all levels that is still taking a toll to this day, yet it was also a moment of crisis that allowed us to think differently about what we were doing and what we really wanted.

How did it affect the music industry? Specifically, how did it impact musicians? Today you will hear true stories - the impact of the corona virus pandemic on independent, DIY, and signed musicians.

Let's then listen to Anna Brooks, Tony Bean, Louise Dengate, Dan Whitehouse, Abigail Kelly and Ruby Turner MBE, while they tell us about their hardships, opportunities, the good and the bad.

Please be aware of the fact these interviews happened during different moments of the pandemic, so the outlook of the guests might vary.

Also, all of these conversations took place over Zoom, which means you might hear a difference in sound quality between the intro and the recordings.

0.00 Introduction

02:18 Anna Brooks – International touring saxophonist, recording artiste, arranger and director.

10:23 Tony Bean - CEO and founder of 5AM Records. International Artiste Developer, Songwriter and Record Producer

13:25 Louise Dengate Choir director, vocal coach and agency director,

16:01 Dan Whitehouse – acclaimed composer and songwriter currently signed with Reveal Records.

20:45 Abigail Kelly - an award winning international operatic soprano & Ambassador for the National Touring Opera.

28:28 Ruby Turner Ruby Turner MBE -singer-songwriter, US R&B number 1 chart hit and actress

40:22 Conclusion

40:53 Ten Reason Why They Will Pay You Before Gig Day