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Success Beyond The Score

Thank you so much for checking out my Podcast 'Success Beyond The Score'.  I started this to help those who ask me how to build their music career.  When I was 39 I decided it was time to give my music one last push.  3 years after I made the step.  Today I'm proud to say I did transition my music hobby into a full time music business with accolades and achievements and this Podcast is to help you with your journey.  

Jun 7, 2021

Thank you so much for joining me in this episode of my podcast, "Success Beyond The Score". My guest today is Dan Whitehouse. He is an acclaimed composer and songwriter who has released five solo albums and who is currently signed with Reveal Records. He is a song-writing tutor and mentor qualified in the Sounds of Intent methodology, and he has extensive experience working directly with musicians or through facilitators such as Midlands Arts Centre or Company of Song, to create community through music. Today, we are going to learn how everything started, how it is going, his experiences of studying music, and everything about being signed to a label. This interview was recorded through Zoom with me being in the UK and Dan being in Japan, so you might perceive a slight change of audio quality between the introduction and the show. Don't worry about it, though, because the content's quality is constantly excellent. Without further ado, let's welcome Dan Whitehouse.

0:00 Show Introduction

2:00 Who is Dan Whitehouse?

3:00 Balancing community music projects and commercial work

05:46 Working with people with additional needs

07:40 Influences - meeting Chuck Berry; parental influence

09:20 The reason for taking a music degree

11:15 Getting signed and tips for getting signed

16:20 The Label experience

Dan Whitehouse double album ‘Dreamland Tomorrow’ Produced by Tom Rose and Boo Hewerdine Watch “Dreamland” here

To steam/download the album

Tomorrow (Gustaf Ljunggren Remix)


Dreamland (Live)

Dreamland (Dir Martin D Hyde)

Glass (Dir Martin D Hyde) 

Glass (live) 

State of The English (Dir Martin D Hyde)  

State of The English (live)  

Weightlifting (Dir Martin D Hyde)  

What I Didn’t See (Dir Martin D Hyde)  

Crazy On The Weekend (Sunhouse) live  

Given Up (live)  


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Twitter: @dan_whitehouse


Facebook: @danwhitehousemusic

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