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Success Beyond The Score

Thank you so much for checking out my Podcast 'Success Beyond The Score'.  I started this to help those who ask me how to build their music career.  When I was 39 I decided it was time to give my music one last push.  3 years after I made the step.  Today I'm proud to say I did transition my music hobby into a full time music business with accolades and achievements and this Podcast is to help you with your journey.  

Feb 7, 2022

I’m so thrilled to have interviewed 6 exceptional west midlands musicians. They work full time in the industry and are making waves where they are. Today I’m going to share the absolute best takeaways from my Guest list. That’s not to say that everything else in their interview was not important, in fact there was good stuff from beginning to end but these things really stood out for me. Somethings I learnt, somethings were re-enforced.

0:00 Introduction

2:46 About Tony Bean and what caught my attention.

3:40 Lesson: You don’t know where you will end up but you know where you are starting. Networking is key, treat everybody right. Be yourself. Help others when you can.

9:56 About Louise Dengate and what made sense to me.

10:35 Lesson: Dealing with my headspace, my stage nerves, imposter syndrome. Projecting my critical thoughts and dealing with my mental space to be successful on stage.

15:30 About Abigail and what resonated

16:15 Lesson: Backstage and front stage are very different. Balancing life’s challenges and delivering the perceived glamour of our work.

19:10 Memorising music.

22:47 About Anna Brooks and needs must

23:57 Lesson: Multi-tasking and balancing childcare and music. Other ways to work in music. Getting another job outside of music temporarily.

30:30 Anti-sociable working hours and the needs of our family. Planning family time. Time for yourself. 35:09 About Dan Whitehouse and what you have to do

35:41 Lesson – developing my inner artiste helps to clear your mind and get in touch with your music. Why I gave up journaling and how I got back into it. The reasons for journaling and engaging with the page.

40:40 About Ruby Turner and looking after you

41:28 Lesson: Be down to earth. You are still you. ‘Celine Dion reacts calmly to fan storming stage’

41:32 Health challenges and how to cope with them at your Gigs and teaching. Handling the menopause or other health challenges. Time to retire from music.

43:31 Disclaimer: At time of this recording, according to the NHS, men do not have the menopause, but experience symptoms related to other concerns Other research might suggest otherwise).

47:32 conclusion and free gifts ’10 reasons why they will pay you before gig day’. ’25 secrets of the successful gigging musician, singer, rapper and spoken word artiste’

48:45 End