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Success Beyond The Score

Thank you so much for checking out my Podcast 'Success Beyond The Score'.  I started this to help those who ask me how to build their music career.  When I was 39 I decided it was time to give my music one last push.  3 years after I made the step.  Today I'm proud to say I did transition my music hobby into a full time music business with accolades and achievements and this Podcast is to help you with your journey.  

May 23, 2021

Today I continue my conversation with Anna Brooks, a professional saxophonist, an international touring and recording artiste with the Brooklyn Funk Essentials and Joolz Holland Rhythm and Blues Orchestra.

Anna is also a music arranger, music director, music preparation specialist, Teacher at the Birmingham Conservatoire, and singer. She is a mother of Sons who are twins and are 20 years old and at University.

Today you’ll hear how Anna coped with COVID-19, her tips for transition your music into a full-time professional career; how she started her music career 6 weeks after the birth of her sons; her music recordings; of her finance who is a Platinum recording artiste and trumpet player with Candy Dulfer – Anna’s idol.

By the way, this recording was taken during Lockdown, over Zoom so if you are watching or listening there will be a slight difference in the sound quality of the Show intro and the interview but the information is A plus!

01:55 Coping with COVID

11:10 Three tips to transition your music into a full time music career. 1) Passion 2) Study hard, practise hard. 3) Portfolio Career

19:52 Coping with Career Lows.

23:45 Late bloomer and single parenting

27:30 Recordings & Accolades

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